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Here's My Thing-y:
Okay. Well, let's see what we can do here. Turning this here ship around and making it sing. It makes no sense to me either... and I guess that's the point. See title, read "nonsense." You heard me. Poncho.

This is now a community for people sick of whiney ass bitches whose entire life is spent online. (Notice I refer to 'music that sucks' in there. Brilliantly placed.) Basically, those pale, socially inept freaks pissed me off. So I got this community from a friend so you all could participate on a community and not deal with said whiney ass bitches.

SO... here's what it's all about:
-ravingly mad debates about music, movies, pop culture, Stalin, Twinkies, your disturbing life, WHATEVER.
-keep it interesting and entertaining, otherwise, what's the point?
-have something to say? then say it. but if it's boring, no one will respond and you will feel empty, as if the deepening pool of misery inside you is eating you alive. and that's not good. but don't let me deter you.


Nothing gross. If the nudey pics are of kids, you are sick and need psychiatric help. Seriously, none of that shit.

Curse all you want. I don't give a flying fuck.

Try to not be ignorant. Consider opinions and try to be mature. It you don't we'll all tell you to grow the fuck up or get the fuck out. Get it? Got it? Good.

Here's the Original Thing-y:
people should be able to ask all of those zany questions they have in their mind, post artwork, be creative, talk about ANYthing, ANYTHING at all.. and not have to go through someone elses "thats irrelevant.. " bullshit.
..or any other bullshit that people give.

and for those of you who dont know:
before the 20th century, i think it was, many doctors believed that some women were crazy because of vaginal problems(or something like that, im not certain). it was called hysteria(hysterectomy). they used dildos and vibrators to "cure" them. isn' thet intrestin'?

anyways, the point of all that was: i want to make it clear i didnt name this "the_hysterics" after an illness that never exactly existed, just after what it is today. plain craziness.

so if any of you like to philosophize, ask irrelevant questions, discuss innovative ideas, or even just want to distribute apple sauce, join up, damn it, and be crazy!

!. dont be an asshole.
@. dont be anal retentive.
#. try not to post things that just fill up the page like "uhm.. jest seein how this thing werks."
$. nude pictures are allowed, but the people in them must be over the age of 18.
%. enjoy yourself.